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December 24th

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Check This Out!

This is totally amazing! Click here to read the story...


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Blue Hat For Stepfather

This blue beanie is for my stepfather for Christmas.

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White Hat For Mom

I made this white hat for my mother as a Christmas gift.

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Merry Christmas, but Please Pray!

Merry Christmas to all my brothers in yarn! I wish you all the best the season has to offer and the most happy and prosperous New Year!

December 23rd

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Christmas invasion

The Christmas invasion has started!

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All wrapped up (re: Squirrel)

Thanx to scubasinger who gave me the idea of using my anguished posts about the squirrel as wrapping paper FOR the squirrel.

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Merry Christmas

Hope everybody has a Great Christmas and a save New Year.
Take care and happy knitting.

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Thought I'd post a pic of the finished scarf, happy holidays

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Kody May Knits

I am a big fan of Kody May's hats. I love her creativity and enjoy reading her blog, I go there every few days to see if there is anything new.

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OT - It's amazing what people can survive

I just learned that a friend of mine had her house explode, right now they have no idea why it exploded, there was very little fire but the house is a complete loss.