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December 5th

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Starter gloves?

I am wanting to start a pair of real, fingered gloves for my daughter. This will be my first attempt at knitting in the round, and doing anything other than what basically ammounts to a rectangle.

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baby scarf?

Was asked to make a pink scarf for a friend's friend's one-year old. I haven't the foggiest what size that should be!

December 4th

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I need help guys

what do this mean ->= knit as many stitches as indicated onto last needle of previous round before starting new round it is from this website....

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No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting

So I had some time before class the other night (and we were meeting in the library)... I decided to browse the "TT 819s" to see what they had on knitting.

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Finally some progress!

I've had trouble posting here so I apologize for skipping right to the (almost) finished project.

December 3rd

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I know this is old hat to most of you guys, but I just did something in my knitting that I have never done before and I feel like celebrating. lol. I am knitting a waistcoat with a lot of cabling.

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Recycling question....

I've decided to give something new a try.... Here's the idea: I'm going to go to Good Will (or Salvation Army... haven't decided) pick up a wool sweater... frog it... and knit something new myself.

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WIP - And a Question...

I first wanted to say that a few of us from MWK here in Denver got together on Saturday for about 2 hours and, in my opinion, had a really great time.

December 2nd

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Great Knitting Related Video

I'm sure a lot of you guys have seen this one before, but for those who haven't this is a very amusing guy knitting video.

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Anyone know how to cable-knit the elder futhark runes??

Anyone know how to cable-knit the elder futhark runes??
i know someone has them in a book, viking knits or something like that.
i just dont know if i actually wanna buy the book yet.