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December 6th

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Converting Crochet Patterns to Knitting Patterns

I would like to anyone know how to convert a crochet pattern to a knitted pattern......

MMarios FSL Shawl Questions

Never did one before. Yes...there are mistakes but I hope I concealed them well.

As a general rule ---- and I know it depends on the yarn, tension etc....but when will I know I am done?

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Theraputic Knitting

WAY off topic in one way...but it is about knitting...

I'm pretty much immersed in my knitting -- just plain knitting -- don't care what it is...

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Turquoise mohair scarf - WIP

This is actually my second scarf. It's for my sister-in-law for Christmas.

Fonty Ombelle #1034
Fonty Serpentine #851

#13 (9mm) bamboo needles

Cast-on 13
Garter stitch until you run out

????What the....??

I just tried to access and holymoly, what the hell happened there??? Hostile take over by adbots or what? Any one have the story?? Do tell.

December 5th

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Knitting Screensaver

I just downloaded a fun knitting screensaver; check it out:

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I finally finish the swirl leaf doily

Let me know what u think guys the patterns from
i use size 8 double point and circular needles

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where'd ya get a hat like that?

Nothing exciting...Just a hat I made from ball ends: It was my emergency knit project that I carried in the truck...stopped in traffic, boring wait, blah blah blah...time is never wasted if you have

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Quick Hello and a WIP

Hey all...

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First Color Stranding Project

I've completed my first color stranding project!