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December 12th

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New member with technical question

Hello all. My name is Cullen. I have been looking at this website for a couple of months and I have finally officially joined.

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Whine, whine, whine

Here's my dilemma: I have made so much chocolate fudge, so much peanut butter fudge, and so much divinity in the past few days, it's no wonder I haven't gotten any knitting done. I hate that.

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Queen Anne Lace Shawl #2 Off Needles

I finished my second Queen Anne Lace Shawl (Mario's wonderful pattern). So I'm feeling a little relieved knowing that I just have to block it and it's ready to be given as a Christmas present.

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Posted my squirrel pics to Flickr so I could add them to my Ravelry page.

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Opinions wanted

I'm knitting a Penguin as part of my 2006 Christmas list. (Yes, I know, I'm way way behind)

It's an Urban Commando Penguin. the back, head and wings are in a grey/black/white urban camo colour.

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intarsia help?

I'm working on a sweater... and need your help - go to my blog

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The Boston Globe - "Look Who's Knitting"

Boston Globe, The (MA)
January 31, 2002
Linda Matchan, Globe Staff
Section: Life At Home
Page: H1

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Navy Cabled scarf - Finished

I finished the Navy Cabled scarf for my brother, late, last night. I was elated and exhausted at the same time. So much more to do before Christmas, but it was great to have one completed.

December 11th

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Socks I've finished

Here's a pic of most of the socks I've finished for Christmas presents. I ended up making about 21 pairs. I have a few more I could do, but I just don't think I have it in me!

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Slytherin Tychus.

Made for a friend to match her satchel (coming soon).

Anyone find that the tychus pattern is fine with only four panels instead of five?