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Somebody Stop Me, Please!!!!

I have a huge stash of yarn, more projects and stuff than I will do in years, yet I cant seem to stop myself from getting more. One of my LYSs is closing and having their final sale.

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Men Who Knit and Crochet Podcast

Lion Brand has a new podcast out today specifcally about men who knit and crochet. It includes interviews with a non-profit "Krochet Kids" group as well as a filmmaker for "Real Men Knit".

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San Ramon, California

Anyone in the California area specifically close to San Ramon? I'm here on a business trip till next week and would love to hook up and knit with some people here.


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I hate it when, nearing the end of a project, I run out of yarn. Twelve rows to go, and I have to go buy a whole new ball of yarn. Oh, well, I guess that's how stashes are born.

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I know this is off the topic.......

I know this is off the topic...I have thinking about learning how to tatter.......I would like to know is there any other guys out there who tatter and would u give me your thoughts on tatting and whe

Duplicate Stitch Patterns

Does anyone know of a source for duplicate stitch or Swiss darning patterns? I found letters and numbers but I am looking for small pictures.

Thanks for any help.


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Rent a Granny

Cant get those socks just right? Frustrated with that scarf? Why not rent a granny to just take care of that for you? Have a look: