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November 21st

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help knitting a scarf for one of my guy friends

Christmas is getting closer and this year and I want to knit my friend Michael a scarf, exept I have no idea of what patern to use, I have light blue yarn if anyone can sugest paterns teh y would be v

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Barcelona Blizzard Scarf

TO go along with the Barcelona Tycchus, there comes the Barcelona Blizzard Scarf.

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4 New Lucy Neatby Instructional DVD's!

Lucy Neatby has to be one of the top knitting artists and instructors. I have her other DVD's and loved them.

November 20th

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1934 - Columbia Men Form A Knitting Society

New York Times; Nov. 15, 1934, pg. 4:

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Fiddly Projects

Here are a couple of projects to pass the time until my knitting wools arrive from the Shetland Islands.

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Just FYI...

Re: the milk solids yarn we mentioned in the Shout Box, please visit this link:

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Help estimating yarn

I'm putting together a knitting project -- It's a knit 2-color labyrinth. I've been kind-of working on the chart for a while and it's basically finished.

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'nother silent film knitting pattern

'hope you like it.

Durham Knitting Charity

Hey, one of my little fiber groups here in town is starting a project, and if anyone is hankering to use up a hank, check out this e-mail!

patterns for super new

I was wondering if anyone might have any super simple patterns for the new knitter.