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November 7th

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First blog post

At Knit Night at my LYS yesterday I worked some more on the Irish Hiking Scarf. Now that I have the repeats memorized, it is an easy project. I got another 4" done.

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Norwegian Style Ravenclaw Hat 1

This is my first real attempt at color stranding with a design that is more than just a checkered board. Let's see what happens today when I tackle the main are with the Norwegian Star design.

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Jamieson & Smith Knitting Wools

For those of you who knit the 4-ply stranded patterns, where do you source your knitting wools?

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Transparent Graph Paper

Does anyone know if there is such thing as transparent graph paper for tracing a pattern from a photo? I tried Googling it but had no luck. Thanks Guys.

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Finished the LUNA blanket

I posted a couple of days ago about finishing up with this blanket, which I'm now calling the LUNA blanket. But the pic didn't show much detail.

November 6th

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Options Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needle Set

Has anyone ever used the Harmony Interchangeable needles?

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Prada Hat Pattern

OK, I saw a picture in a magazine, maybe GQ, of a guy wearing a stocking cap, that was like orange and gray and it was an ad for something Prada, but the hat was so cool.

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Anyone Have a Pattern?

Hey guys, long time no see. Been very very busy. Still knitting at night. I am wondering if anyone has a pattern for a man's thong or bikini brief.

I Knit London

Hey guys,
Having just returned to London I wonder how many of you go to
I Knit. The Wednesday booze nights or the Friday guys night. Let me know, please.

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Knit (K)night Near Atlanta Y'all

Anybody that browses here, and lives near Atlanta, GA there is a LYS in Woodstock (about 25 miles north of downtown) that has an evening for knitters to get together once a week and knit, swap stories