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November 14th

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The DreadedRow 26

I forgot this row since I knit it last. Row 26 of the Spanish doily - which I am using as the center of my 'Spanish Armada' shawl consists of:

*s2kp, yo, s3k2togp, yo;

Knit one, Pour two

Hey, this is just a shout out to those in the Raleigh/Durham (NC) area...

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With Darrel's permission

Hey kids....
with mod's permission, i started a myspace group for stitchers of all kinds!

November 13th

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Knitting Lace

I would like to know are there any site out there to give me tips on heirloom knitting lace?

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who watch Knitty Gritty today Guys

today on Knitty Gritty they knitted in the Mobius Knitting style here the pattern they knitted,2025,DIY_14142_4894528,00.html

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Another Hat

I'm currently working on a hat for a bartender friend of mine who asked me to knit her a hat to match her coat.

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Slytherin Hat Update

This is going to be a very interesting design. I am looking forward to making the hat up to the crown so that I can see the design lol! I hope to have this hat finished by the weekend.

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My Attempts at calling myself a knitter.

well I figured it was time to show you some of what I have done and what I am working on.

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I'm still alive just buried in felt.

Haven't had alot of time lately...between knitting and's what I've been addicted to lately.

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Steeks & Stitches

Thanks for the advice guys. I'll use my best judgement when the moment comes and hope for the best!