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November 15th

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Slytherin Update 3

Here I am almost done with part one, be careful the snakes will bite, and so will I lol!

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Thanksgiving in Portland, OR

Hey all you Portland knitters!

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A lace decrease study in placement and type

One of the things I did last weekend while desporting myself with 88 women at the Seven Hills Inn and Resort in Lenox, Mass was attend a workshop in lace knitting taught by Pam Allen.

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Weenie Warmer

OK, I found the perfect thing for me to knit for my friend. You can see one at Also on I have become an expert at toe up socks.

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What took me so long?

I was at WEBS last friday - becuse hey, it was only an hour's detour from where I was going anyway. Too close to pass up a visit.

And I bought a swift. (among other things)

November 14th

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the last image is almost as close to the actual colors....and sorry that the pics are so big

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Bunnykins Mug

I just couldn't resist the purchase of the Royal Doulton mug dated 1936. When you look at the photos, I think you'll agree it is a must-have!

Silly Question #1 -- S2KP

I want to start MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl.

I saw SKP (I think) on Knitting Help. I need visuals so I watched it.

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Slytherin Update 2

I keep on working on this hat and wanted to give you a visual update. I really like the texture it is taking, stay tuned!

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Question re: dp needles

I am interested in getting some dp needle sets for sock knitting. In the Knit Picks catalogue there is a set of Nickel-Plated Needles, 6 sizes, 5 needles per size.