Archive - Nov 30, 2007

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Nice Thread/Yarn Cutter

My friend called me the other day and wanted to see if I would go to A.C. Moore with her (I think it's an East Coast US thing).

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Spinning...where to begin...

I'm pretty interested in learning to spin up some yarn and I really have no clue where to start...

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I washed the black hat that I knit a couple of weeks ago. I washed it all by itself. It came out of the machine covered in lint!

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dog hat

I want to make a hat that looks like someone has the head of a wolf or dog on their head. You know...the type of hat with ears and a nose and the whole bit. Does anyone know of a pattern?

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Free Vintage Knitting Patterns

If u like vintage knitting patterns go to

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Teaching kids to knit

The local elementary school called and asked me if I could come in and teach a group of 2nd graders (7 and 8 year olds) how to knit. So far 3 kids are signed up (2 boys and a girl).

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you better believe it does, it interferes with my knitting.

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Ravelry & Tidal Wave Socks

My ravelry invite arrived while I was sleeping last night...Santa is a bit early this year! I'm also scenter there.

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I'M IN!!!
supposedly got my invite on 11/26....but there was nothing from them in my email. But i'm in now...same handle, PaganCub

holla at a bitch!