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taking cheating to a whole new level

As happy as I am that there are more men's knitting books out (just got Son of SNB - it's great!) I still dont think i have time to knit a whole sweater,

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In addition to knitting, I love to game as well...and my most recent game was aided by my affinity for knitting!

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1936 - Two Men Lead Knitting Class

The New York Times; Oct. 6, 1936:

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Four Days of Christmas down,

only 13 more to go! Granted - I'm off celebrating Christmas in 1842 but it's still the holidays. Caroling on Friday, Saturday, Saturday night and today (sunday) .

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Found you!

* You signed up on November 4, 2007
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* 202 people are ahead of you in line.
* 9084 people are behind you in line.

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Saturday Morning Hoodie Christmas Present

So I thought I should start a blog to share the project I'm currently working on with everyone.

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First Socks!

I've completed my first pair of socks!

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Casas Grandes Sweater Underway

Well, I have spun up enough of my three colors to begin knitting my sweater which is named for the style of Native American pottery from which I have adapted the diamond pattern.

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Lack of LYS

I have a severe lack of an LYS, we don't even have a craft store.