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October 24th

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"Business" venture

I'm stoked!

October 24th

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A Little Sweater

Finished a sweater for my six year old niece. I used some Paton's merino that was left over from another project. I have resolved to use up my odds and ends and will do some mittens.


HOW do you guys do such intricate work???

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Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf (WIP 2)

Just wanted to share the work in progress progress.. I am hoping to finsh this scarf next week. You can see the orange markers are where the stitch is actually slipped.

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Real Men Knit video

I just watched the trailer for that Real Men Knit DVD and I saw my knitting instructor from my LYS(Seattle) on it!

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I've gone and done it again...

If I don't have enough projects that I'm working on, I've begun learning a new (new to me) technique.

For some reason, I've always been extremely apprehensive about Illusion/Shadow knitting.

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Finished Scarf

I finished this 3 days ago and finally got some pics taken. I haven't measured it and I'm not quite satisfied with the fringe (one of my very weak points).

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Free patterns online (Garnstudio)

Came across a site that offers lots of free patterns apart from patterns for sale:
I don't think everything's translated into English, but quite a lot. Enjoy!

October 23rd

Who Taught You How to Knit?

Grandmother/ Mother
26% (72 votes)
Grandfather/ Father
1% (2 votes)
Brother/ Male relative
0% (1 vote)
Sister/ Female relative
3% (9 votes)
Male Friend
3% (7 votes)
Female Friend
16% (43 votes)
Significant Other
3% (9 votes)
Books, Internet tutorials
37% (102 votes)
I joined a knitting club/ class before I started knitting.
5% (13 votes)
I swear, I didn't have any training at all. I picked up a pair of needles and tada, a sweater spun out.
6% (16 votes)
Total votes: 274

October 22nd

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Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf (WIP)

I am a Harry Potter Fan, and most likely because of the Houses. I know I would have enjoyed being in such a school.