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October 9th

Will somebody please stop this ride?

I have been so crazed by work that I have only been able to check in here to see what's going on, hardly even had a moment to think of what to blog!

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Finished My First Hat

I finished knitting my very first hat. It's done using Silver's Palindrome pattern and was fun to knit.

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IG Sweater

I mentioned a while ago that I was interested in trying an Italian Greyhound sweater. I found a pattern ( and gave it a try.

October 8th

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My New Project

I'm actually already halfway finished with my newest project - a throw whose pattern I found in a pattern booklet : Afghan Medley to knit.

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Hello from another new member

Hello everyone!
I feel like I'm a misfit toy who has found a place where I belong. LOL.

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WIP - Hat

I started the hat to go with my Irish Hiking Scarf. I've been a little busy around the house so haven't worked on it as much as I'd like, but I think it's coming along ok for my first hat.

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Treasure From the Local Library

This past weekend, I made a trip to our local library to try and find some knitting resources. To my surprise, I found a great little "gem" amongst the collection.

October 7th

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Oh yeah!

Re-discovered my mis-placed US19 needles and some super fun confetti-like yarn. LOL Enter then very wide, very loosely knitted scarf. :-) Good times. I'll post pictures once it is complete.

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So my best friend's mom...

Just went through her old stash, looking for "boy colors" for her son-in-knitting-law and a box arrived at my door with about a metric ton of Rowan Chunky Recycled Tweed in it...

Mermaid pattern?

So my roommate is a mermaid fanatic, and I want to make her something nice for Christmas...does anyone know of a mermaid (doll) pattern out there?