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October 29th

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Knitting Software

I was wondering what knitting software, if any, people out there are using. I'm currently playing around with Sweater Wizard.

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Rainy Weekend=Lots of Kitting

we had over 6 inches of rain last weekend, that rain afforded me the the entire weekend to sit and knit, I finished a felting project, well actually I got the knitted project felted now I need to find

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Where'd the sucker go?

I spent way longer then I should have yesterday uploading a photo of my 'autumn Rainbow' shawl - post blocking; I saw the post.

But I can't find it anywhere!

Lace Knitting

I have been inspired....and wonder if there is a good beginners book on lace? I was practicing some new (to me) lace sts this weekend and found it fun.

October 28th

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The New Scarf

Here is what I have been able to accomplish on the new scarf this weekend. I am doing a modified version of the "Ruffled Roses Scarf" by Annie Modesitt (I am leaving off the ruffled fabric).

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Welcome to Ravelry

I just got into Ravelry and wanted to let you guys Know! Fun place to be!
I joined the men who knit group there and others. I will look you up! It took about a month or so to get in!

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Hello to you all,
My name is Lisa,

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SOAR Fiber

Each year the folks at Cross Patch Creations do a special dyeing and blending of fibers for SOAR. Take a look at this dreamy color that will be spun into some lovely yarn.

October 27th

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Horizontal Vest

This is also from the yarn given to me from Kevin's co-worker.

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Work In progress, Swap VIdeo

This is a video of my work in progress and the results of my last swap - exchange which I received today and some miscellaneous stuff.