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Ribbed Hat

Help guys - there was someone in my work the other day and he had this hat on - I told him I needed to look at it for just a second.. then threw it on the ground and snapped a photo of it and told him I wanted to make one.

"you could make one?" he asked.

"sure" I said (quietly thinking to myself: I usually do hats in the round, and I see that the decreases are in the "purls" of the hat if it was in the round, but changing colors like that in the round would put mean starting the color over every row... damn I hope I can do it!) I THINK there was a seam on the inside of the hat... SO I was wondering if anyone had a "ribbed" hat pattern that I could modify to do blocks of color like this hat - it will have to be sewn up, I'm sure.

anyone have any ideas? I'm going to also show it to my LYS tomorrow when I paint - maybe they can just make up a pattern for me - but I HAVE to ask my men!

thanks for the help!



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The shape of shawls to come...

This is a duplicate of a project I was working on on another forum. I have added some items and changed some others - so it isn't just copy and paste.

I thought I'd I'd put down somewhere all the different "standard" shapes that shawls/wraps seem to come in, and some notes on how to get that shape - This is not including ponchos. I've also (for the most part) excluded consturction methods that involve piecing.

  • 1) circular

  • 1a) gradual increase

  • 1b) puncuated equilibrium ( I'll explain later)
  • 1c) Pi
  • 1d) wedges
  • 1e) Circumfrence inwards
  • 2) Square
    • 2a) edge to edge

  • 2b) corner to corner
  • 2c) in the "round"
  • 2d) mitered
  • 2e) Perimeter INWARDS
  • 2f) Triangular - pieced construction
  • 2g) Log Cabin Construction
  • 3) Variations on a circle:
    • 3a) open

  • 3b) super-circular
  • 3c) semi-circular
  • 3d) PR2 - type
  • 4) Stole (rectangular)
    • 4a) worked lengthwise

    • 4a-1) edge to edge
    • 4a-2) on the bias

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    In the mail....

    These came with the mail yesterday...I found the package laying on my doorstep when I came back from teaching yesterday:

    Wollmeise test hanks

    Colour details

    Colour details

    Colour details

    All of them are small test hanks in all available colourways from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise! (Okay, actually there are 36 out of 40 col