Archive - Jul 4, 2006

Tension control?

I'm just curious how everyone manages their tension whilst knitting, I hear everyone has their own method.

Myself, I knit 'English' style and weave the yarn under my index finger, over my second and third fingers and under my pinky. What about you?

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SPM: Stitches Per Minute,Boys...try it many stitches can you knit, garter, per minute???

5% (4 votes)
13% (10 votes)
25% (19 votes)
36% (28 votes)
50+- i am out of control
21% (16 votes)
Total votes: 77

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I'm Convinced

I have become a real fan of the "Russian join" since I ran across it on Kenny's website. 

I have used it four times now on the two pair of clogs I'm knitting up and the join really is virtualy undetectable. 

Thanks Kenny!