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Sore Hands?

Has anyone else had a problem with cramping and/or general soreness in their hands when first starting out? I know I have a touch of arthritis, but not serious. After knitting for a while I have to stop and take a break as my hands hurt like crazy. Am I doing something wrong or does it just take a while to get the muscles used to the new activity?

On an unrelated side note, I wish I had discovered knitting last year when I was laid up from a car wreck. I was down for 14 months from a fractured pelvis and knitting sure would have been a great way to pass the time. Kicking myself for not having thought of it then. I blame the narcotics.

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Female Hostility?

Ok, is it just me or are the women on other knitting related sites a bit hostile towards male knitters?

Do they feel that we are somehow encroaching on their turf? What gives?

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you've been warned.

okay - this isn't a full head of steam screaming rant - more of an "I don't understand the world I'm living in and think I may be crazy" rant.

Let me say first that I'm no expert; I am also aware I am much more "fly by the seat of my pants" in style then many people; and I try to take the advice of my acting coach (Dare to Suck!) to heart in life as well as on-stage;

But just how detailed do people expect directions to be ??? ! ???

For example - There is a circular shawl pattern out there that starts with:

Cast on 8 stitches; knit one round; double the number of stitches on the next round (16 stitches).

I can think of several ways to accomplish the above - most of which would not make much difference at all in the final product. We are talking a total of 32 stitches in an item with many thousands of stitches. The three most miniscule rows in a shawl with almost 200 rounds.

Would you believe over ***THREE WEEKS*** of discussion on how to cast on and what method to double the stitches? and wether or not they should join the stitches into a round at the caston, on the first round, or after doubling.

Am I the crazy one or is the above taking obsessive to an extreme? Good God, if you can't decide which way - an hour or so of experimenting could give you multiple examples to choose from and you could then proceed!

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Sing Hallelujah!

The effing samoyed dog fur afghan is finished, photoed, and delivered. The new owner will have to wash, stretch and block it. I will post pictures soon. I am VASTLY relieved to see that thing gone, as nice as it was....

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The Not-So-Fun Fun Fur Project

When I found out Granny would be coming with the in laws for the holidays, I decided it was time to knit her something. This would be Christmas #2 without Granddad, and the Best Beloved and I wanted it to be special. Granny is a bit of a hoot - not the traditional grandma, she was always more comfortable dealing cards than baking cookies. Upon getting her first hearing aids, she remarked, loudly and in a crowd, that she had no idea it made so much noise when she pee-ed.

I decided that Fun Fur stole would be just the thing (the "Chinchilla Stole" on the Lion Yarn website). This was before I had ever knitted with Fun Fur.

Now, I have been knitting for 20 years or so. I spin most of my own yarn. I long ago memorized Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system and have given up on patterns. I am as comfortable knitting with the right hand as with the left hand. I am not a great knitter, but I am as comfortable with yarn and needles as I ever expect to get - but I met my match with Fun Fur!!!

The first challenge was dropping a stitch. Generally, not much of a challenge, but between the lashes of this eye lash yarn and the slipperyness of the polyester - I ended up having to rip the whole thing out and start over 1/3 of the way through.

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Oh Christmas Tree

Can a Christmas tree be any more Texan than this? It's 7'x6'x5' and did I have a blast this holiday!