Archive - Dec 12, 2006

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Sick of Felting

OK, I felted my last item last night. Had 2 more purses to do. I have hung up my felting for a while. I now want to do tiny! I started my first pair of socks. Using a pattern I found of knitty I believe for "Babba's Bed Socks" It goes cuff down. I had a little trouble turning the heel but I think its coming out ok. Doing it in Red/White in tribute to the amazing Sooners! May they beat the socks/jocks off Boise State! :-) Anyway, I'm ready to do tiny. Doing these socks with 5 DPN size 4 I believe. I wish I wasn't so loose! :-) Anyway, Merry Christmas!


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I'm crafty!

and now the whole damn interweb knows it!

the world is mine!!!!!


p.s. if you dont watch this show you totally should. it is super funny.


that's me. that's what i sound like when i watch it.