Archive - Nov 29, 2006

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well, today has just been kay-rap!

not scottish at all (therefore ...).

Walked out of the house this morning without knitting bag -- realized that about 1/2 way to work.

finishing up an exhange item for another list that *must* go into the mail today - a crocheted item, and somehow managed to lose the crochet hook with 5 stitches left to go.

Lost a detailed post to my music forum TWICE while trying to post it.

and to top off everything - my neice has officially moved to Japan (they landed in Tokyo this morning).

Hope my mood changes soon because I have to celebrate christmas something like 12 more times before the day actually occurs - and right now I am feeling very Scrooge-ish.

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Hi Everybody!

Hello all,

Just thought I'd quit lurking and say hello. I've recently taken up knitting (again!) but still haven't done anything more complicated than a baby blanket or two, and a few hats. I dream of the day I will have enough skill to do a sweater and enough stamina to do an afghan, but for now I'm working on my first sock. I'm glad to have found the group and look forward to learning what I can from the various interactions.


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How about a Secret Knitting Santa?

The idea of a knitting buddy got me thinking (a very dangerous thing!)

Here's an idea. What if we exchanged names and everyone sent another person a $15.00 (USD appropriately converted of course) knitting item (yarn, needles, notions, etc.) as sort of a holiday gift exchange?

I'd be willing to coordinate. Just send me an email with the following information with your name and address. Also, let me know if you'd be willing to send your parcel out of the country.

I'll match folks up (staying within the country when possible) and send you the address of your Secret Santa. You decide what your gift will be, bundle it up and ship it off to your happy recipient.

Anyone game?