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New Lanark Yarn from Scotland

British readers (and people who don't mind shipping their yarn around the word) could be interested in New Lanark yarns made in an historic mill in Scotland (see: www.newlanarkshop.co.uk/shop.php?view

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Kids in Grade 3

Here are the boys in my class. I have taught 18 of them to knit. We are currently working on dishcloths. They loving knitting, but claim that "purling" is too hard.

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Cat Balls

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Tool Storage


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Here's my baby.... Thought I would share a picture of him. If any of you have a good knit pattern for anything for him, let me know....maybe a knitted bandana??

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The Model Student

Having learnt the basics in the morning, Joakim wanted to teach his sister in the afternoon...

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the mad knitter

knittin' on a road trip...i think i got a problem...

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Junior Red Cross Guards knitting

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