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In Memory of Granny T

After nearly 30 years of knitting for me, I was finally able to knit a sweater for Granny. We just lost her this January.

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Hoodie in Progress

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Sweater detail 3

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Christmas Sweater Detail

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Grey sweater

My own design and I used 3½ mm needles

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E's Corner

New items made in 2008

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Argyle Pullover Vest

there is the being 2 1/2 of my Argyle Pullover Vest in the round. I'm gonna try it in the round. I really hope this work out

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Orange sweater

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Star Design - the Experimental Jumper

Here is what I have been working on for the past 3 weeks, fresh off the drying rack. It is from a pattern I purchased on ebay (I love the Norwegian Star pattern) which is probably from the 1980’s.

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Baby sweater

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