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Retro Embroidered

This was a design caused by seeing a Teacozy with flowers embroidered from the bottom. Double standed Alpaca and Sily Moreno make up the base of the garment.

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Candy Corn

Placed 3rd in 2008 LA County Fair with this Jacket. Made for a friend who loves Halloween.

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Rainbow Jacket

Made for one of my best friends whos personality is a colorful.

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norwegian sweaters

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The tactile joy of continuous knits....

I just discovered the fun of the continuous-knit as yet another child's sweater comes together. WoW!

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Shallow V-Neck Sweater

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Fassett sweater

French Breton Navy Sweater??

Does anybody know where I can find a pattern for this classic French Breton Navy Sweater??

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Stella's sweater

This pattern came from Dogs in Knits. I love to knit for my animals and this was no exception.

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Multi Yarn Coat

Multi yarn Coat

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