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Sweater Christmas 2009

I based this sweater off of one that I liked and wear a lot from Abercrombie. It's a V-neck Raglan, with saddle shoulders and k2p2 ribbing.

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new vest

The next project I tackled. It is a vest designed by Erika Knight.

I really love wearing it too.

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Blue Aran Sweater

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First jumper

Joukahainen - in a dark green Super Soft Lana Gatto with Morris Empire Superwash Merino Pumkin around the neck and cuffs.

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A Summer Project

Hope you don't mind ...

but I have been persuaded to post something of my work. This is a cotton sweater that I knitted some time ago - taken from one of the Rowan magazines.

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i had this in mind, it's inspired on a glass stained window in the Dom of Cologne... so i started knitting to make it ;-)

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tom's muscles

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this i made as a goodbye gift for a friend who moved to berlin...

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