Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

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Slouchy Beanie

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Men's Muffler

Finished. I got through this better than I thought I would. For being my first large piece to have worked on, I'm darned proud!

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I made this hat one night during an all too common bout of insomnia. I used all of my luscious wool scraps from some of my favorite projects and came up with this.

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Beanie x2

Another beanie I made a couple weeks back. Boring too. God I need to learn to be more creative. LOL.

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Beanie #1

Just made this one over the weekend. Just like the colors when I was at the store and thought I make a hat out of it. It's boring, but I like it.

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mobius scarf

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Fingerless Gloves

These were done for the "One of a Kind" show

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Tri-color Scarf

A quick knit scarf made with sheep wool (I met the sheep), hand-spun and hand-dyed by a local artist and rancher. The yarn has little glass beads spun in it and sparkles a little in the sunlight.

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