Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

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My first socks.

These are my first socks. They're not perfect but still I wore them up to Portland, Or. on a recent trip and they felt great. I'm already looking for a pattern for the second attempt.

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Palindrome scarf in progress

Here's the scarf after a couple of days.

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Starting a new project

First few rows of the Palindrome scarf (a reversible version of the Irish Hiking Scarf).

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Inside of hat

Looking for information on how to knit this hat.

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Knitted hat

This is a hat my son bought in Ireland. A label on the inside says "Dyed in the Wool Knitwear" Made in Ireland.

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My 1st ever Knit project

My 1st ever knt project, Xmas 2005/2006. was a Xmas present for my partner. I had to lie and tell him I was knitting some tea cozy and table cloth for Xmas decoration !!!

instant gratification


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Cable Scarf

This was a New Zealand hand painted yarn. Made for the wonderful Ms Chesher's 40th

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Plymouth Yarn Mushishi, mitred knitting. Christmas scarf 2009, #3

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