Scarves, Hats, & Gloves

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Box scarf

Made with box pattern. Easy fun scarf to make.

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Benn's Beanie

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Middle School knitting club

Well, I have now become the sponsor of a knitting club at the middle school where I work. I worked with an after school club last year.

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My Favorite Scarf

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Shaded brown scarf

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Camo scarf

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Shaded Brown Hat

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Simple Scarf

Just a Simple Scarf I made for my Husband's Mother one year for Christmas. I liked these colors together :)

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Palindrome scarf: Getting longer

The scarf is getting longer and longer, and I'm liking it better and better, though it's no longer scarf weather.

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Irregular Ribbed Scarf

Isn't this a nice man's scarf?

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