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MMariotoo bad; used to be very guy friendly.22 hours 33 min ago
xtophercbhad to give up on ... too much anti-guy teasing that was becoming outright disdain. too bad, it actually lived up to its name and was very helpful for a time.5 weeks 7 hours ago
buddhaAny knitting guy on Maui?15 weeks 4 days ago
Joe-in WyomingI hope you all have a Blessed weekend. Shalom to my friends who observe Passover and Happy Easter to those celebrate. Everyone else, just because you are you.17 weeks 5 days ago
buddhaanybody help me find a pattern for a tee shirt. 2Xl or 3 XL. Too hot here for a sweater and I've got this great cotton yarn ready to work with??20 weeks 1 day ago
CLABBERSEveryone being affected by this latest snow storm, be careful. Stay in and knit!22 weeks 3 days ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Lunar New Year, everybody. Today begins the Year of the Sheep/Goat.23 weeks 5 days ago
michaelpthompsonI sure hope to go. I have been to two of them, and it's an excellent time.24 weeks 2 days ago
Joe-in WyomingI've been lucky enough to have attended every RMMKR and plan to go to this year's event.25 weeks 1 day ago
rudabagaAnyone going to the Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat (or already been?)26 weeks 1 day ago
CLABBERSHappy Knit Year!30 weeks 6 days ago
bobinthebulHappy 2015 to everyone!30 weeks 6 days ago
knitmaniacMany blessings and happiness to you, too, Joe; not forgetting everyone else on MWK.30 weeks 6 days ago
Joe-in WyomingSince I may not be here before the new year happens, I want to wish all of you many Blessings and happiness in 2015.31 weeks 1 day ago
BillMERRY CHRISTMAS31 weeks 6 days ago
kiwiknitterkiwi Trevor - Another knitting bloke from New Zealand! I'd love to be in touch! Happy Holidays to all!31 weeks 6 days ago
Kiwi Trevoroh dear spelling---- meant from not form32 weeks 2 days ago
Kiwi TrevorMerry Christmas to all fellow knitters form New Zealand. We are sweltering in summer weather whilst most of you are experiencing winter---- where ever you are have a great christmas and keep those needles moving!32 weeks 2 days ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Holidays, everyone - Many Blessings for the New Year.32 weeks 3 days ago
Joe-in WyomingLOL...glad for the responses.34 weeks 1 day ago
BuduR*Just nods*34 weeks 4 days ago
NehkhasiHi Joe in Wyoming! I'm out here! LOL34 weeks 5 days ago