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BuduRI don't understand whole "Pink is for girl, blue is for boy" thing. I also don't understand why it's not acceptable for a man to wear a dress.39 min 38 sec ago
New York BuiltPoor BuduR! Another victim of social genderization! Welcome to the club, dear!3 days 3 hours ago
Billif I could get "fluorescent pink " on my computer, I'd be delighted!3 days 16 hours ago
BuduRI was forced to wear pink frilly dresses for years. Growing up with 6 brothers I wanted to wear jeans and t-shirts and play with cars4 days 1 hour ago
New York BuiltPink is a close relative to red, a fiery and bold color. Or is there a touch of chromophobia in your life?5 days 10 hours ago
BuduRPink? are you trying to get rid of me? :p1 week 1 hour ago
DarrelI should highlight the shoutbox in fluorescent pink :)1 week 21 hours ago
BuduRThe shout box used to have posts constantly, what happened? HELLO BOYS!2 weeks 2 days ago
MMarioGuy out on Ravelery says he's trying to sign up here and unable to do so.5 weeks 3 days ago
MMarioPaging Darrel!5 weeks 3 days ago
ilhikerHappy Memorial Day! Hug a soldier today!8 weeks 4 days ago
ilhikerHappy Easter Weekend!13 weeks 5 days ago
SAPBrownHappy St. Paddy's Day *opens a Guinness18 weeks 3 days ago