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Kiwi Trevoroh dear spelling---- meant from not form1 day 12 min ago
Kiwi TrevorMerry Christmas to all fellow knitters form New Zealand. We are sweltering in summer weather whilst most of you are experiencing winter---- where ever you are have a great christmas and keep those needles moving!1 day 12 min ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Holidays, everyone - Many Blessings for the New Year.2 days 5 hours ago
Joe-in WyomingLOL...glad for the responses.1 week 6 days ago
BuduR*Just nods*2 weeks 2 days ago
NehkhasiHi Joe in Wyoming! I'm out here! LOL2 weeks 4 days ago
Joe-in Wyoming"Hello....Is there anybody out there?" - Pink Floyd2 weeks 5 days ago
CLABBERSHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!3 weeks 4 days ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Thanksgiving to all our members - whether in the US or not. LOL3 weeks 6 days ago
VHi!5 weeks 5 days ago
Joe-in WyomingMarriage Equality will begin in Wyoming later this week. Yippee!!9 weeks 2 days ago