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xtophercbhad to give up on ... too much anti-guy teasing that was becoming outright disdain. too bad, it actually lived up to its name and was very helpful for a time.4 weeks 5 days ago
buddhaAny knitting guy on Maui?15 weeks 2 days ago
Joe-in WyomingI hope you all have a Blessed weekend. Shalom to my friends who observe Passover and Happy Easter to those celebrate. Everyone else, just because you are you.17 weeks 3 days ago
buddhaanybody help me find a pattern for a tee shirt. 2Xl or 3 XL. Too hot here for a sweater and I've got this great cotton yarn ready to work with??19 weeks 6 days ago
CLABBERSEveryone being affected by this latest snow storm, be careful. Stay in and knit!22 weeks 1 day ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Lunar New Year, everybody. Today begins the Year of the Sheep/Goat.23 weeks 3 days ago
michaelpthompsonI sure hope to go. I have been to two of them, and it's an excellent time.24 weeks 8 hours ago
Joe-in WyomingI've been lucky enough to have attended every RMMKR and plan to go to this year's event.24 weeks 6 days ago
rudabagaAnyone going to the Rocky Mountain Men's Knitting Retreat (or already been?)26 weeks 1 hour ago
CLABBERSHappy Knit Year!30 weeks 4 days ago
bobinthebulHappy 2015 to everyone!30 weeks 4 days ago
knitmaniacMany blessings and happiness to you, too, Joe; not forgetting everyone else on MWK.30 weeks 4 days ago
Joe-in WyomingSince I may not be here before the new year happens, I want to wish all of you many Blessings and happiness in 2015.30 weeks 6 days ago
BillMERRY CHRISTMAS31 weeks 4 days ago
kiwiknitterkiwi Trevor - Another knitting bloke from New Zealand! I'd love to be in touch! Happy Holidays to all!31 weeks 4 days ago
Kiwi Trevoroh dear spelling---- meant from not form32 weeks 13 hours ago
Kiwi TrevorMerry Christmas to all fellow knitters form New Zealand. We are sweltering in summer weather whilst most of you are experiencing winter---- where ever you are have a great christmas and keep those needles moving!32 weeks 13 hours ago
Joe-in WyomingHappy Holidays, everyone - Many Blessings for the New Year.32 weeks 1 day ago
Joe-in WyomingLOL...glad for the responses.33 weeks 6 days ago
BuduR*Just nods*34 weeks 2 days ago
NehkhasiHi Joe in Wyoming! I'm out here! LOL34 weeks 3 days ago