Aeolian Shawl finally off the needles.

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I feel as though I've worked on this all year, but I think it's taken me about 8months to finish this fully beaded, lace shawl. I am calling 2010 the year of selfish knitting.

Happy Holiday guys!

Yarn: Jagerspun Zephyr
Beads: A LOT!
Needles US4

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Beautiful job. Congrats!

Beautiful job. Congrats!

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Very nice knitting. It

Very nice knitting. It blocks beautifully and the simple elegance really shines forth. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

WOW - it's just fabulous.

WOW - it's just fabulous.

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Lovely shawl, it's on my

Lovely shawl, it's on my list of ones to do.

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Tres chic! Seriously - great

Tres chic!

Seriously - great work. * months isn't unusual....*grin*

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Very nice Kerry!

Very nice Kerry!