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i am adding collar to double ribbed raglan cardigan sweater and just can't seem to make it look right as thought the ribs were continuing up through the collar. i need to pick up some stitches up the side of neckline (not many) but all-in-all i have too many stitches on needles left over from making neckline (back, front sides, sleeves, plus seams) so i have to reduce and have a 2x2 rib and can't figure out how to do that "seamlessly"



To avoid having to pick up

To avoid having to pick up stitches, instead of binding off stitches, I just put them on a long strand of yarn threaded through a needle and continue adding stitches to the strand as I work up the edge. Having the ribs appear seamless with ribbing is tough. Have you thought about switching to smaller needles for the collar instead of decreasing the number of stitches?

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I concur with Joe...leaning

I concur with Joe...leaning heavily due to excessive eggnog and Jamaican rum cake to the purl row option with this design idea ...slip the knits and purl the purls in the first row of the neckline to the correct 2X2 count. This will make a more flowing transition with the purl "starter correction row" and blend into a better-looking neckline.

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I've not run into this

I've not run into this problem, Steve, but will take a crack at it...My instincts tell me to have you pick up the stitches in knit and purl alternately, skipping where you can to even things out. Another thought - pick up an extra purl or knit stitch as you go around, decreasing away the excess in pattern as you work the first row. Yet another suggestion (a variant on what I tend to use on my sock patterns) is to pick up all the stitches required, Purl a round - creating a boundary line - and go into your ribbing, decreasing in pattern on that first round to the final stitch count needed for your collar. Hope this helps and isn't too confusing. Lots of luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.