another PR knitting moment. (Knitting for a client, again)

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The image rises on the stately visage of the Fabulous Tim Gunn:

Attention Designers,

Your challenge is to knit, for your client, a pair of men's mittens with a sporty stripe and a matching cowl with the provided two yarns of disparate thickness. You have one night to do so... Make it work.

The yarn is a local (Canby, OR) border leicester. (SuDan Farms). I had a sport weight (the grey, knit double) and a worsted (yellow). They were loaded with lanolin and a delight to knit with, and yes...basically done in one night while watching Project runway Season 4 (The entire f@cking night... finished at 6:15 in the morning)...

I did the prototype mitten, the two stripeys, and the cowl (although I had to use some of my own yarn on the cowl...fortunately a pretty close match).

me &mit set y:g.jpg15.22 KB
y:g mit cowl 2.jpg20.65 KB


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Well, the computer I'm using

Well, the computer I'm using wouldn't enlarge the photos but I enjoyed them anyhow. Great looking set and I hope the client was pleased. Such a goodlooking model deserves all the praise he gets, especially when showing such fine knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great set of gloves,

Great set of gloves, handsome model and learned how to enlarge the screen with just a few keystrokes! () (I'm a PC). Great learning experience. Been looking for a simple but good looking glove pattern and this could be it. I agree with Scottly, got a pattern? I'll keep looking in my Christmas stocking for it...

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There're terrific! I don't

There're terrific! I don't know how sporty they look if worn together? Sort of like a hockey player wearing a sweater set but I would wear them anytime. Nice work. All night huh?

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Oh, so cool! Please publish

Oh, so cool! Please publish a pattern for the set, I need to make these.

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That's a really appealing

That's a really appealing ensemble!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog We

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
We want bigger pictures lol!

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I suspect they're

I suspect they're great...but,'re pictures are simply too small!
...please take pity on us old duffers...and post bigger pics!

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Bill, I honestly had the

Bill, I honestly had the same gripe until I discovered that if I press the command key and the + key, everything on the screen gets bigger (and conversely if you press command and the - key everything gets smaller). I have a Mac (Macbook) and I can't remember what you have but if it's a PC I'm sure there must be something analogous you can do to enlarge what's on the screen. See you Monday, Tom

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Thanks, Tom, That

Thanks, Tom,
That worked!
...although they stil weren't all that big...

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You make an attractive model

You make an attractive model

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yes he does!!

yes he does!!

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I'll third that!

I'll third that!