Let it slush! (So I can have some bonus knitting time!)

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Good Christian friends rejoice!
But stay home with your drink of choice!
Listen now to what I say: Slush! Slush!
Slush is everywhere today.
Ox and ass, where are they now?!
We need them here to pull a plow!
Slush is here today!
Pray that it won't stay!

Seriously, the streets were just wet at 5:30, but at 7:30 when I left supper, there was DEEP slush everywhere. Couldn't drive more than 10-15 mph the whole way back home. It has been raining steadily for the last couple of hours.

(The original hymn was the basis of our Christmas pageant this past Wednesday, so the tune hasn't left my head yet!)


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Bless you all in the

Bless you all in the blizzard belt. We may get snow for Xmas but I won't mind as long as the horrid cold doesn't drop down from the Arctic. Hope you all are warm and safe. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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we just have a teensy weeny

we just have a teensy weeny bit of snow - barely enough to cover the ground. But it's cold.

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BTW - great parody....may I

BTW - great parody....may I forward it on to my folk song group?

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Jack --- Glad you still have

Jack ---

Glad you still have power! Hope you still get to have your party, too!

--- Tom

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Tom, You should be here in

Tom, You should be here in Asheville. We got 17 inches of snow yesterday and night. Our street is a parking lot and I am supposed to have a party tomorrow night. There is absolutely no place fopr people to park, since the road has not been cleared. There are still 46,000 without power. Fortunately we never lost power. I have never seen that much snow here. I think we will have a white Christmas. The kids are sure enjoying it. Jack