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My husband and I are now legal in the District of Columbia, little bit by little bit we're getting there.

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I really am happy to hear

I really am happy to hear that. We really are lucky here in Canada as we have no problem marrying. Every once in a while the "do gooders" raise the subject of changing the law back but they are knocking their heads on concrete!!!! Again I am very pleased that you are that much closer to being legal.
Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Dennis

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Congratulations! Best wishes

Congratulations! Best wishes to you both, such amazing news =) Happy holidays!

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Congratulations! We're a bit


We're a bit disappointed with a few of our senators here in New York (to say the least!) but we have faith that it'll pass eventually.

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That's wonderful...congratulations!

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Yes, the faux Christians are

Yes, the faux Christians are are fighting a losing battle. Eventually, as it always does, right will win.

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I think after 24 years of

I think after 24 years of being together you should be legal!
...wouldn't that qualify as a "common law marriage"...
...just what is wrong with this country that we have to work so hard for equality!

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How true. The crazy thing

How true. The crazy thing is that progress moves on...despite the conservative reactionaries kicking, screaming and whining. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.