short row with wrap

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I have heard 2 different ways to make a short row with wrap. I think one might actually be wrong (I don't trust the person who told it to me).
So what is the proper way.
1 - knit to the stitch, bring the yarn forward, slip the stitch, bring the yarn back and then slip the stitch back
2 - knit to the stitch, slip the stitch, bring the yarn forward, then slip the stitch back, then move the yarn back.

Or do they actually both achieve the same thing?


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I do a variation of the

I do a variation of the first method, sort of: On a knit row, I use the first method above as written. However, on a purl row, I put the yarn back (knit-wise), slip the stitch, bring the yarn forward,slip the stitch back and turn. That way, my yarn is always in place to begin working across the row and the stitch is wrapped. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I agree with the 'someone'

I agree with the 'someone' too :)

I've tried about 7 different methods for short rows and the cocokints was the easiest - least 'fiddly' method.

I'm not a fan of wrapping the stitches and then trying to hitch them over the stitch in front ('fiddly' / Function: adjective / Date: 1926 / chiefly British : requiring close attention to detail : fussy; especially : requiring an annoying amount of close attention)


Someone recommended this:

Someone recommended this: Looks great to me.