Wedding Veil - Wedding Peacock

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Ok....I've only been working on this since February & I started the last chart the other night so I thought I was about done. But after doing some calculations I realize I'm only halfway there. Since it's circular each row gets progressively longer. I have 58,430 moer stitches and 2,912 more beads to add! So...what do you think do I need to tell my daughter she must wait at least one more year to get married?

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An open prayer to the

An open prayer to the knitting gods and goddesses:

Oh ye of the needles and fiber; you gods and goddesses of knitting; you hairy little godlets of fiber and yarn;

you who make our tension even and our blocking smooth

As Rick has spent 15 months

136,710 completed stitches (not to mention the number dropped and picked back up, tinked and re-knit)

and placed 4, 725 beads (!)

and now has but 1,494 stiches remain...

Please, please, please, please!
make this design work and come out correctly and block beautifully

and let Rick's daughter give him the adoration he deserves for even considering making this veil for her; let alone actually doing so.

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Absolutely gorgeous. What a

Absolutely gorgeous. What a lucky daughter.

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This is beautiful! It

This is beautiful! It looks so light, it reminds me of a spiderweb.

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How gorgeous she will look

How gorgeous she will look in this. Lucky girl to have such a talented father.

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Oh my .... this is

Oh my .... this is exquisite, she is a lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Did you create this chart?

Did you create this chart? It's incredible! That's an heirloom, right there.

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On no - I'm much more of a

On no - I'm much more of a crafter than a creator...the creativity is all due I even need to give you the name of Mmario!!?? It's all his design with just a few modifications to get the right size.


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Ah but Rick - you have

Ah but Rick - you have posted several other (exquisite) finished objects since February - so we know you *could* finish the second half faster if necessary. Is she dating yet?

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No dates yet - but she is 29

No dates yet - but she is 29 and I suspect when the right one hits it might turn to marriage fast. She hangs on to bad boyfriends way too long so I'm guessing the when it's right she'll know and not wait!

How's the recovery going by now? All stitched up and on the mend?


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Wow, indeed. I can see

Wow, indeed. I can see waiting another year to get this. However, your daughter and future spouse may not agree. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That's beautiful Rick. I've

That's beautiful Rick. I've just had a look at your Ravelry entry to get more details. I've knitted with silk but nothing as fine a that, I can imagine how slippery it is. Lucky daughter.

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The wicked slipperiness

The wicked slipperiness seems only to be a problem on the k-3-tog where I'm placing a bead...I've had lots of slips there and the silk takes off! I've learned how to catch them and weave them back through but I suspect when it gets off the needles I'll have a bunch of weaving in pieces to do to fix some rather big holes I've made along the way. Oh well, what's lace without holes, right?


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I'm speechless. Wow. It is

I'm speechless. Wow. It is breathtaking.