Spinning Lace Alpaca

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Here I am drafting and spinning some lace weight Alpaca yarn, what a lot of fun.
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My teacher Wonder Mike, I learned at the Fall Knitting Retreat 2008, then took two more classes the past two weeks as you have seen my other homespun.
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Yowza! Another great

Yowza! Another great spindling post. That light brown ought to make some nice knitting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I have rather hammy hands

I have rather hammy hands too and it doesn't really stop me from spinning fine, laceweight yarns. In fact I'm hand-spindling some now (not alpaca, though)...Andy...always love how you teach with your blog posts and pictures...thanks.

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Thank You Joe, I enjoy showing pictures as I am a very visual person.

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Cannot imagine lace weight

Cannot imagine lace weight spinning. I have ham hands and have trouble enough. . . Spin ON!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Is

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Is a matter of practice, no matter how big your hands are, unless you are Hagrit lol!