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If I had realized that working with fleece would be so much fun...I'd have done it years ago...

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Think of all the stash you

Think of all the stash you have -- and all the wool you have ever had. Think of all the stash all the knitters that you know have. Think of all the knitters in the world and their stash. Think of all the yarn that all the knitters have used throughout the history of the world.

All of that wool has had to be shorn by hand. And think of that burly Australian shearer with his shirt off, skin glistening in the sun, tight firm muscles rippling, and..... um...

I'm sorry, what was I saying??

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Very nice, Bill. Having

Very nice, Bill. Having grown up in sheep country [even though beef ranchers try to deny it] I must say I've never seen such shearers around. If so, I'd probably not mind washing fleece so much. Or felting. The scenery would make either chore a lot more enjoyable. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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That was kind of a surprise!

That was kind of a surprise! I've been looking for a new desktop image. Thanks, Bill!

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Caught me quite off guard.

Caught me quite off guard. Might have to save the photo for some inspiration later.

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I had to think twice about

I had to think twice about posting it...but it really isn't too X-rated...LOL

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Mental note to

Mental note to self.....attend ALL potential sheep shearing events in the future.

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That can NOT be very

That can NOT be very hygienic!

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These things aren't about

These things aren't about hygiene! Getting buried in the middle of some wooly situations can be a lot of fun!

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Aww Joe, you disappoint

Aww Joe,
you disappoint me...
...just think of the therapeutic value of all that lanolin on the skin!

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lol...I guess I just

lol...I guess I just couldn't get past idea of enmeshed sheep dung in crevices...doesn't fleece sometime even carry things like anthrax?

Okay...let those wooly hunks be timely reminder to wash your hands after handling raw fiber.

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Having had some experience

Having had some experience working with fleece, I would like to volunteer to sort through that pile.

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Very nice!

Very nice!