Men Who Knit - 2010 Knit-Alongs (KAL) -- Starting in January 2010

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Greetings All

Since the Knit-Along polls seemed promising enough I will host a Knit Along starting in early January. I have already chosen the pattern.

It is a small project suitable for Knitting in Public (which I do not do. . .)
It is fairly simple
Easily forgiving
Provides for your own creative input
May teach a new skill or two (depends on your abilities)
Great for beginners!
Definitely Accomplish-able in a 90 day time frame!

There will be a small cost associated for the pattern for the Knit Along. However, there are a few surprises involved so definitely outweigh the cost of the Pattern.

If your interested please go to the link below and sign up. I have created a google group for this KAL so we do not clog up the MWK site with knit-along related posts. I will keep registration open until December 1st, 2009

Start Date is January 4th 2010.
Cost for the Pattern will be $5

You will be asking for an invite to the group to minimize spam instrusion on the group
It will ask you a few rudimentary questions so I can guage the group's technical level as we move forward.

Currently the group is "blank" I will post the project selected and surprise #1 on November first!!


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All, this is to be a NO

All, this is to be a NO Pressure KAL. If you find out what it is and dont like it then just drop, no matter to mee. I want people to have fun not worry about a breakneck pace of knitting something to finish. Finish, don't finish

NO WORRIES. You will have plenty of time to decide if you want to do the project or not

there will be colors, and fun and secret achievments to earn (some of which may laready have been earned hmmmmmmm) so sign up. if you hate it just drop. . . .


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Can you tell us what the

Can you tell us what the pattern is? I joined a KAL once that had a pattern I was unsure of and by the time I finished, I hated it enough that I wanted to shoot myself in the face. Since then, I have only joined KAL's where the pattern/project was something that looked cool (IMHO) and fun. Any pictures of a FO using the pattern? Thanks!

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Don't worry about buying the

Don't worry about buying the pattern until probably early december!! I will post YOU WILL NEED by then. Just sign up for now. . . . remember surprises!!!!!!