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Hello everyone.

Here is my latest finished object - a gift for my partner's mother. She saw the scarf I knitted for my partner and has wanted one of her own ever since. I found the Woodland Shawl pattern and thought that it would suit her. Instead of making it shawl-sized, I reduced the number of stitches and made it scarf-sized. The yarn is Mirasol Yarn Miski in Cornflower Blue -- the fiber is 100% llama, which was great to work with. The pattern really opened up after blocking.

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Ooh, what a lovely color!

Ooh, what a lovely color! And llama? What decadence!

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That is some gorgeous

That is some gorgeous knitting. Great blend of pattern, yarn and color. I hope she enjoys it very much. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Looks great!

Looks great!

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Beautiful! I like the


I like the pattern and the photography with the natural light and setting.
I bet she'll love it.

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Beautiful scarf! I love

Beautiful scarf! I love Llama, I have some to spin.


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Great knitting, great color

Great knitting, great color choice!

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I can see why she wanted one

I can see why she wanted one of her own, it is really beautiful. Great color choice too. Very nice work.

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So beautiful!! The picture

So beautiful!! The picture you took is great - outdoors and autumn. She's going to love it and I'm sure will get many questions and comments! Congrats!

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Lovely pattern and colour.

Lovely pattern and colour. It is very beautiful.

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Very pretty. I love it.

Very pretty. I love it.