Clogs Down Under

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Hi Guys,

Here is the first knitted clog from Australia, well at least on MWK! This was an experiment as I substituted the yarn and needle size and must say it has turned out well with only a few minor hiccups!! Even managed to watch TV while knitting them. The felting process was much easier than I expected, even with a front load washer. Took just 25 mins of wash cycle to get the right size. Not much fun getting the door to open when the machine is full of hot water and trying to stop the suds from spewing all over the floor though. I used one end of blue and one of white as they are the favourite colors of my partner, Keith. We have all manner of plates and kitchen stuff in blue & white so we have christened them 'willow clogs'!!

I will now get busy and knit us both a pair in other colors.

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Victor!  Great Looking!I'm

Victor!  Great Looking!

I'm doing the same thing on the upper with contrasting colors.  I like the randomness of the pattern as it knits up and have been overly curious as to what it will look like felted.  Seeing how great yours look makes me even more excited to get them finished and in the wash.

And when it comes to the clogs I always say, "betcha can't knit just one!"  Fantastic looking work Victor.  You should jump up and kiss yourself.

Well done!

Well done!