Raffle for Marriage Equality

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Crossposting this from Ravelry, since I figure not everyone will see it there:

Many of you probably know that we’ve got our own version of Prop H8 here in Maine this year. Our state legislature voted to extend full marriage equality to same-sex couples last spring, and the Catholic church hopped back into bed with the folks at NOM to force it to referendum. In fact, they’re even recycling some of the same fearmongering, lying ads they used in California.

At any rate, both sides in this campaign are in a dead heat, and it will ultimately come down to which side can get out the vote more effectively, which ultimately will come down to money.

Since I would really like for my marriage to be recognized in my own state, I decided to hold a blog raffle to help raise money. You can read about it here:



Good for you!!! One of my

Good for you!!! One of my best friends is in the same boat and I wish that she could enjoy the same level of happiness (misery???) as other people can.

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I should also mention that

I should also mention that even $5-$10 donations can make a huge difference in the aggregate, so folks shouldn't think that they need to be able to donate a lot to make a difference.

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