Forbes Forest

Hello Men! Here's a scarf I recently completed, and am very excited about!  Its the "Forbes Forest" pattern by Kathy Zimmerman from 'Scarf Style' (Interweave Press)



I used 6 balls of KnitPicks 'Merino Style' in the Moss colorway.  Too early for this now, but it will serve me well throughout the NYC autumn and winter months. More here.



Oh God! more things I want

Oh God! more things I want to knit!  How will I ever find the time? Really beautiful work!  Very inspiring.

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Again, beautiful, and as

Again, beautiful, and as always, great photos!  When I get a book deal, will you do the styling and photography?

Fabulous, amazing, quality

Fabulous, amazing, quality work. many, many congratulations. 

Knit away, knit away

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Echoing everyone else,

Echoing everyone else, "beautiful" is the very first thought I had seeing the picture.  Well done!

Beautiful!I just had a


I just had a thought while looking at this photo.  Has anyone experimented with making something like this reversible--working the cables on both sides?  I haven't done a lot of cable work, but maybe some patterns look presentable enough on the wrong side to mix them with right-side designs.  Something to add to my "someday" list, I guess, since I have more knitting plans than time to execute them.

You are raising the Bar with

You are raising the Bar with that one pal!  beautiful work.

Jeez, that's amazing work!

Jeez, that's amazing work! Between this scarf and the cardigan, give a guy something to envy, whydontcha! :)

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What beautiful

What beautiful workmanship!  That's a scarf to be proud of.  Well done! 

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This is absolutely

This is absolutely stunning!  Great design and the color is perfect.  As usual, your projects are beautiful and inspiring.