the first raglan

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Hey all! It's been a while, but I wanted to share my first sweater with you. Some of the sweaters I've seen here have been an inspiration for me to tackle the sweater monster that seems to have loomed over me. I'm quite happy with the sweater, especially the color. I have so few bits of clothing that I really like, but this may be one, come winter. A couple things I'd like to improve upon:
-the neck. It looks decent in the pics, but it feels rather loose and open...maybe I'm just not used to such a large neck. Is it normal for a crew neck to leave me feeling exposed up top?
-the fit. While it's not bad, I would like to learn to make fitted sweaters, and this one is still on the roomy side...except for the bottom part of the sleeves. (I love the sleeve length! So looong, it makes me feel like I look good, for no clear reason!) One person suggested that a closer fit would only make the shirt underneath show through.
-the yarn thickness. I'd like to play with lighter weight yarns. Again, the worry crops up that it will be too revealing of the clothes underneath.

I have dreams of more architectural designs dancing around in my head, something like Durrow or Brooklyn Tweed's Urban Aran Cardigan. And I hope to learn to steek...I guess I better contain my dreams for now. I've waxed eloquent already.

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Looks very grand. I can't

Looks very grand. I can't comment on the neck size as I like a looser fit on mine...I hate constrictions near my throat. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I would be quite proud! It

I would be quite proud! It looks like a perfect fit for you....

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It think it really looks

It think it really looks great. It does fit you well and I love the color. If after a couple more wearings you still don't like the neck, find a different neck construction for your next sweater or get real brave and modify the neckline yourself. As EZ likes to say, it is only knitting.

You should be proud of your accomplishment.


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Great - one I like the wider

Great - one

I like the wider neck and think it works well.


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Wonderful Job!

Wonderful Job!

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Congratulations. The first

Congratulations. The first sweater is quite an accomplishment. I hope there are many more.

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Your sweater looks GREAT!

Your sweater looks GREAT! Hard to believe it's your first one. The color looks good on you too!

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Gorgeous sweater! You did a

Gorgeous sweater! You did a fantastic job.


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I haven't knit a sweater yet

I haven't knit a sweater yet because it's a LOT of knitting. I think yours looks great! I agree about the neck. I see that in a lot of sweater patterns and I agree with you, I like it closer to my neck like a traditional crew neck.

Did you follow a pattern for

Did you follow a pattern for this or design it yourself? The neck looks big because there does not appear to be any shaping in the front and the back to make it fit closer.

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I followed EZ's seamless

I followed EZ's seamless raglan pattern. It includes a little bit of shaping at the neck...just a tad.

I intentionally didn't go down a needle size on the neck ribbing because of a past experience with a vest...when I think about it, though, my vest probably suffered due to a tight bind off.

It's a fine looking sweater

It's a fine looking sweater and you should be proud, but if you want a closer neckline you will have to put some shaping in there.