Did you know that a male knitter saved the world?!

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Ok.. So I'm at Meijers yesterday (it's a local department/grocery store chain) and I stopped at Redbox to see if there was anything new that might be suitable for our 3-year old and yet a bit enjoyable for us adults too. Enter the movie "Dragon Hunters" (2009) -- What more could I ask for? Dragons AND Animated?! (My daughter is a bit obsessed with dragons.) Little did I know, it was even better than that!

OK, so it's maybe not QUITE suitable for my 3 year old (a bit too violent), but let me give away the plot (if you can call it that): Male Knitter Saves the World... WITH his Knitting Needles.

Yea... seriously!


Actually, I'm fairly certain it's not going to win too many awards as a movie, but I don't care. It may well be my new fav. ;-) I've ordered my very own copy off E-bay.

Grace and peace,


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I finally tracked down the

I finally tracked down the movie and just watched it. Silly, yet funny. I'm glad you suggested this fun movie. Thanks :-)

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tim, thanks for the tip


thanks for the tip about this film. my partner and i just watched it. weird, silly, and fun. and somehow i would be hector. gulp.

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I think I'm probably most

I think I'm probably most like the little blue dog-like thing....

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Oh, oh oh, Mr Kottah! I'm a

Oh, oh oh, Mr Kottah! I'm a Meijer worker too!

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Oh no, you DIDN'T just go

Oh no, you DIDN'T just go there!


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Interesting, I'm gonna have

Interesting, I'm gonna have to check that out when I go to work tomorrow, at Meijer. LOL

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