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i've recently tried an easy garter stitch scarf changing colours every 20 rows - the scarf looks great - the changes look like hammered cat poop - am planning on crocheting a border around to hide them, but not sure what size hook to use - where do i find knitting needle/crochet hook equivalents? i used size 10 us needles...and is there a better way of doing colour changes other than just tying on and going for it? any input is appreciated - thanks

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ROTFLMAO @ "hammered cat

ROTFLMAO @ "hammered cat poop." *snort* That's freakin' hysterical! I'm stealing it… just sayin'…

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Have fun! I am eventually

Have fun! I am eventually going to work in ends on the latest afghan...I dread it but am working on ways to make it more enjoyable. Maybe a long immersion in favorite music CDs. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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To find the equivalent

To find the equivalent crochet hook, you need to go by the metric designation. US10 needles are (usually) 6.0mm. That would be (usually) a J crochet hook. To get your border to lay flat, you may have to use a smaller hook (size I or possibly even H). I led a workshop on corcheted borders at the MSKR '09, and that's what I discovered in preparing for it (and in doing the 7700-stitch crochet border on our joint blanket!). Good luck!

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found it - nvm and then, one

found it - nvm

and then, one time at band camp...