Misplaced stash

When knitting this sweater for my older son, I couldn't find some of the wool I had purchased, and had to purchase more. After I finished it, I found the first stash, and so knit the younger guy a similar sweater, but since there wasn't enough wool and the color (sapphire blue, Brown Sheep super wash worsted) had been discontinued, I bought a contrasting color. No, this isn't an ad for Human Rights Watch; we live in Michigan. For the longitudinal stripes, I knit length-wise. I'm happy with both results, and the older guy was complimented on his sweater at the Centre Pompidou!

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Very nice work. -- Books,

Very nice work. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice sweaters. The hooded

Nice sweaters. The hooded one's my favorite. Great work; I hope I can get to makeing a sweater of my own some time soon!

Thanks for the compliments.

Thanks for the compliments. Yes, Albert has hit upon the perpetual problem of poor planners. I think that a friend's newborn daughter is about to get a yellow sweater. The pattern is my own amalgam of a pattern from a Dover 1970's book about guernseys (I think it was called bars: four rows of stockinette and two of reverse stockinette) and an incorrectly knit version of Barbara Walker's coin cable. When I started the second sweater, I discovered that I had incorrectly knit the coin cable pattern in the first sweater, but also, I preferred the incorrect version, so I ripped out the correct version and started over with the incorrect one. I can write it down for anyone who wants it; just email me at danschul@umich.edu. My kids also have completely different personalities; only the sweaters are vaguely similar.

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Well done! But won't you

Well done! But won't you have to knit another sweater with the leftover yellow?

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wow....very very nice, and

wow....very very nice, and Parisians won't compliment everything, so well done!!!

These are two great sweaters

These are two great sweaters modelled by two good looking boys.

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Both sweaters look

Both sweaters look wonderful! May I inquire what pattern you used?

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
Both sweaters look very nice.

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okay, okay, since NYB

okay, okay, since NYB started in on it, yes handsome children AND sweaters. good work all around!!

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Great work. I love the

Great work. I love the yellow stripes!

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Elegant solution, artistic

Elegant solution, artistic solution, familial solution, personal solution...Man, have you racked up points on this project. I have a son and daughter, now adults, and I have yet to have had the same issues recapitulated by either one. You make handsome children and brilliant sweaters, Dad!

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