A great site for beginning knitters

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I stumbled over a nice little site for the 'New to knitting' crowd.  (there's also free patterns to entice the others).  Its a niftly little site that has little videos (FOR FREE).  I must've watched a dozen of them this morning.  Vicki Howell she's not, but she did manage to demystify Magic Loop knitting for me, as well as those pesky Kitchener and mattress stitching.  Check it out.  http://www.knittinghelp.com/     Best to you all.

AWSOME!! I’m so glad to

AWSOME!! I’m so glad to finally go to a knitting website with answers. I've been to other websites and they always had very bad diagrams. The videos are a god send. Thanks for the link.

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Thanks for the info!  Trust

Thanks for the info!  Trust me, there cannot be too much knitting help in the world!


My mother taught me the

My mother taught me the combined continental method at christmas but I have learned most everything else I know from that website!  i am a big fan.