Thank you to Budur! Couer de le Creme.

It's official! I am a fiber freak! Well, OK, maybe not a freak. Budur graciously gave me her spinning wheel as she would not be able to use it. I lost no time in trying my first spin. Unsuccessfully, I might add; but, good enough to get addicted. Thank you Budur!
A week ago, and a trip to Greensboro on the Motorcycle, I pack on five pounds of corriedale fleece, a creme, and a very dark brown and a pound of assorted navajo-churro. (I wanted to get the feel of the rougher side of wool).
Here are my second offerings! This is the first full bobbin, I"m now spinning the second and I'll ply them together. Since it's MWK not MWS, I can't wait to knit my first skein of hand carded, hand spun wool. This is the creme Corriedale (Sheep's name: Couer de le Creme)

Spun 1 ply 2009 Couers de le Creme.jpg637.6 KB
Spinning Wheel - Niddy Noddy - 2 oz Navajo Churro Roving - 2009.jpg902.93 KB
Fleece Roving & Carders 07-14-2009.jpg726.04 KB


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Looks like fun!

Looks like fun!

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The yarn looks great Chip :)

The yarn looks great Chip :) I'm so glad you are enjoying it. and thank you so much for sharing your progress as you learn to spin. *hugs*
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You are making me sooooooo

You are making me sooooooo jealous.
10 years ago... back when I was living in my own house in Australia I started spinning. Since working abroad my spinning wheel has been in my father's garage. I am in the little room next to the garage right now, thinking ... wishing ... and ... well just have to leave it at that ... can't afford to get myself any more excited about spinning than that... 'cos I really can't carry it as handluggage back to Istanbul.
I leave my parents' house at 4 am for 7:30 flight, then 23 hours later I arrive in Istanbul where bf will pick me up ...ahhhh .
If I really do settle down in Istanbul maybe then ... maybe then I could try spinning. I found a shop that sells fleeces... for stuffing in duvets... but I could do something else with it... so there is the option...
Enjoy the spinning. I found it really theropeuitic... and wonderful for the hands... you got to love soft hands... no rough skin :)

Istanbul, Turkey

Yes... soft hands. The

Yes... soft hands. The lanolin, or whatever it s is really making my hands soft. I'm going to wash the wool after I make it into skeins. Right now it stll smells like sheep, although the intensity has diminished guite a bit as I carded it and let it air. It's a good thing it's so oily, cause beleive me, I washed my hands a lot.
I hope you get to spin again soon. I"ve found, so far, that spinning my own carded fleece is much easier than the dried out rovings from the store. I went through too much olive oil to really enjoy reconditioning them. Have a safe trip to Istanbul.

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I tried to post the pict of

I tried to post the pict of a Corriedale Ram but it won't work.
What weight do you estimate the finished yarn to be - a worsted?

[img_assist|nid=9282|title=corriedale ram|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=275|height=210]

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(No subject)

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Thanks Mario! How did you do

Thanks Mario! How did you do that?

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the image was posted - so I

the image was posted - so I opened the image, right clicked and got the url of the image itself from "properties"

Then just posted:
(Open pointy bracket) img src= the url (close pointy bracket)

(Ive never learned how to make the text show up when you are discussing HTML

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what text do you mean?

what text do you mean?

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the brackets to enclose the

the brackets to enclose the command. web browser blanks them out if you try to type them as regular text, so you have to code them in html

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To get a left pointing

To get a left pointing bracket < (or a less than sign), type:

For the right pointing bracket > (or greater than sign), type:

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I think I'll stick with Open

I think I'll stick with Open pointy bracket thingabob and close pointy bracket thingummie.....*grin*

I'm trying for a light

I'm trying for a light weight worsted. But I'm spinning woolen from the rolags I've made from the fleece. I would like to be able to spin some lace weight plys, and then I can spin together the plys to make whatever I want. It's early days yet and I'm still in learn mode. What you see was done from one 5 minute lesson, and Ashfords book on spinning.

Congrats! Spinning is fun

Congrats! Spinning is fun but I have not done it in so long. I need to start back. It is relaxing to me.

PS...great job too

I've gotten to the Zen

I've gotten to the Zen relaxation with the knitting; and I'm looking forward to finding it in spinning.

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Congrats and spin on!

Congrats and spin on!

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Looking good, Chip. It

Looking good, Chip. It seems you have a knack for getting fairly even singles. Enjoy! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

That was such a wonderful

That was such a wonderful comment, thank you very much. I read Ashford's book on spinning and had one five minute lesson on both spinning and carding from the LYS in Greensboro where I bought a set of carders and a niddy noddy. I of course know how uneven it really is; but, compared to the first two half bobbins I spun, I thought I was getting better, you confirm it... thank you very much! It's taken me two days (4 hours each) to card enough to spin two bobbins. And a couple of days (4 hours each) to spin two bobbins. For a total of 16 hours to make a skein of wool. Did I say the colors of the natural corriedale is beautiful.

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You are very welcome. Five

You are very welcome. Five minute lesson...even more impressive. I took several days to get the groove, back when I first used a wheel. But your comment on the Zen of knitting and spinning is very true. Robert Graves, in one of his books, speaks of the calming and meditative benefits of spinning; something I find when using my spindles. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
You will get a lot of enjoyment from this, most men do, it is mechanical and we love our machines. Have a good time and let us see what you are making once in a while. Great wheel by the way!

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Wow. I'm so jealous. The

Wow. I'm so jealous. The good news is my friend is letting me borrow her wheel too! I get to join the spinning craze. I can't wait! What you have on the bobbin looks pretty good. Way better than my first bobbin that I made 2 nights ago.

I have to confess, it's my

I have to confess, it's my third bobbin.

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You fiber lush!...Make

You fiber lush!...Make more!

"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends."
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