Cast-on for socks et al.

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There was an entry somewhere here on MenWho about 2Socks/2Circs using Antje Gillingham's method. Can anybody tell me how to re-find that entry? I've lost it and can't get back to it. (Maybe the author blocked me.) I'm exploring 2S/2C and I'd like to hear some sock-makin' chatter.

I also found another 2S/2C method. It's by Sheron Goldin at . The MWK author who used Gilliingham's method may have mentioned Goldion's method.

Her description is wordy along the lines of . . . Yea verily In the beginning, God created sheep, then man to shear the sheep . . . then trees for needles . . . and so forth. But it's full of good process pics. (I'm editing it -- w/o permisdsion -- down to do dis/do dat, but with flare.) Can anybody comment on the differences, if any, between Goldin's and Gillingham's 2S/2C methods?

Related topic: stretchy cast-ons. While looking through descriptions of Twisted German Cast-on for a write-up I could decipher, I came across a video for stretchy cast on using a knitting needle and a crochet needle -- pardon, crochet hook. It's simple and looks extremely stretchy, but on the lacey side maybe?. Has anybody used it? Is it too beneath the dignity of a knitter to pick up a crochet hook yada yada? Is it too frilly for Bear Clogs (if so, then . . . what? Cast on in black?) Looks great to me. If you want to see a good demo of this knitneedle/crotchhook CO method, it's at:

BTW, one of the Twisted German CO videos on uTube clarified that method for me. It's kinda slick!

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Each cast on is different and has a different purpose. From the Cuff down, I use a very nice longtail cast on that is loose for socks with a 6 inch tail, but I take into consideration that the cast on kinds of sets the mood for the rest of the garment. Other cast ons are more tight.

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as a newer knitter, i'm not

as a newer knitter, i'm not entirely sure how and why one would choose different cast-on methods, but i do know that i really, really like judy becker's magic cast on. i don't like the look OR feel of most cast-on methods at the toe, specifically because they often feel so weird on the foot, so i'd recommend this as an option:

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Becker's magic CO certainly

Becker's magic CO certainly works for toe-upping. My choice for toe-up socks, however, is the so-called invisible CO followed by short-rowing a toe pouch, and finally rejoining . . ..

CO-ing choices can be about looks -- little, big, pattern, lacey, bulky, or looseness -- or not, in pattern (rib) or not.

I keep wondering about a no-cast-on -- somehow getting loops on needles and knitting away. Eventually run thread through the orig loops and let them disappear.

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In so many words, Jerry, the

In so many words, Jerry, the provisional cast-on with two yarns, is what you just described. Once learned, you can cast on hundreds of stitches in a few minutes, and get knitting...and your first row is done!

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Twisted German...oh, you're

Twisted German...oh, you're making my toes curl....

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Don'tcha love it when random

Don'tcha love it when random stimulation shows up?

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That Twisted German CO does

That Twisted German CO does look pretty slick. I'll have to give that a go the next time I make socks. Thanks for the share.
As for a comparison of the two methods, I have only done the 2S/2C method. maybe the next time I make a pair of socks I'll try out this other. I like the method in 2S/2C But I think that at the moment I am really just held back from trying new methods because I got rid of most of my knitting books in the move, but 2S/2C I kept.
The only thing I don't like is this knot at the beginning, it's too noticeable to me. and I always end up with a strange whole right at the beginning. I'm not sure why, no matter what I do it's there.

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We gotta get to the bottom

We gotta get to the bottom of this -- this Void of Genesis ("Strange whole [sic] at the beginning.") It just won't do to have our T.E.A. running around with knot and hole.

Seriously, T, have you explorgoogled the jogless stripe and/or circular knitting's jogless joining "literature"? I seem to recall reading about a way to make this go away. (I must admit that there's a clear and present chance that I don't know what you're talking about.)