I Love this Community!!!

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I was feeling down today and got online to check out what you guys have been up to, and it always perks me up after checking in with you all! Especially after reading one of New York Builts posts, omg I agree with MMario I need a smoke after that. LOL!
As to knitting, I have just finished the toe decrese on the sock that I have been working on, down to the Kitchner stich. That part always get me a little twisted but I will get through it and then get on wiht the other sock.
Thanks for the pick me up, I need it!!
Barry-Kilted Knitter


I often wear a kilt myself

I often wear a kilt myself but have been having some problems finding patterns for the kilt hose i only found two free ones online

one toe up here

and one cuff down with interesting seams

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Glad you are feeling perked

Glad you are feeling perked up, Barry. Even a drab day brightens when you are amongst friends. And that is definitely the case here. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey Barry, I wear a kilt

Hey Barry,
I wear a kilt occasionally too. I've wore it in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and last October in Istanbul...always get a good response. I asked a taxi driver to get me from the Conrad Hotel where the St Andrews Ball was to a gay nightclub... he gave me a blowjob on the way... can't complain about service when wearing a kilt :)
Unfortunately on the last occasion I polished my shoes with one of those paint on shoe polishes and ... it went through the leather and into my socks. My special Scottish socks... I am thinking that one of these days, when I have mastered knitting socks (I've only just started knitting socks) to make myself Scottish ones...but what wool? Is there a pattern. If you can help please let me know. Thx
Istanbul, Turkey

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I know what you mean, I

I know what you mean, I need to think about coming here more when I am down. Someone always makes me laugh.
Hope you're mood has improved and that all goes off towards happy happy joy joy land from here on out ^^
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